Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vote for Me...Maybe

I feel really weird asking for a vote in light of what I just went through. How can I ask for more? I now have electricity and was shown some profoundly loving things during this past weekend. (I wrote about it in the previous post - The Worst Blizzard and the Best Lasagna). It's kind of weird how you feel so wiped out after having gone through a huge disruption to your routine, but it's how I feel right now. I have so much already; I'm truly blessed. So I can't really write anything profound and convincing, except to say "Go vote for me please."

But if you're inclined to vote for a wonderful makeover for my home, then please go to Vintage Revivals and vote for my entry in the great giveaway. It's #43 and entitled "Deliverance ala Mandi - I hope." Voting only lasts for a couple days, so hurry and vote for the one you want to win - whether it's me or not. :)

1 comment:

  1. Oh I hope you win! I'll vote for you...wish I could have entered however HAWAII is out! Boo. :(