Friday, May 27, 2011

Followers Friday

Last week, I mentioned I want to do something called Followers Friday, where I showcase my followers. It's my way of giving back to you by hopefully giving you some exposure as well. I will only feature those of you following via Google Friend Connect since I have no idea who follows me through email or feedburner. Also, if no blog is listed for you when I click on your profile, I can't really give a shout out for you. (For some reason, I run into a few profiles of people whom I know have blogs, but their link doesn't show up. Not sure why).

Now on to the spotlights!

Michelle's Bears features some amazing bears, and even a rabbit or two. In fact, I recently purchased a gorgeous bunny rabbit from her, and she does awesome work!

Snowflakes and Dragons is another one I know has a blog, but it doesn't show up when I click on her icon in my followers widget. Fortunately, I recognize the name since she has partied at my Sunburnt Cow link party. Her About Me page states she's a "Mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, friend. These are just a few words to describe me. I work a full 40 outside the home and heaven only knows how many inside the home. I have a great husband, two teenage daughters, two cats and two dogs to keep me busy." She's also quite a talented crafter!

Audra and Blake are a young married couple with a cute baby boy who is about to turn a year old.

Firecracker Kid makes some very nice wood pieces.

Mommy Living the Life of Riley features a lot of giveaways and reviews. She describes herself as " stay-at-home mom who loves being the 'June Cleaver' for her family and also enjoys product reviews, contests and sweepstakes too!"

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  1. Hi - it's Pam from Snowflakes & Dragonfiles - I don't know why my blog doesn't show up - I'm going to have to dig into that! Anyhow thanks for the mention in Followers Friday! Have a super Memorial Day weekend!!