Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just Venting

I tell ya, I'm just about ready to burst a blood vessel! I'm trying to learn how to do something, and I've asked two people (who know how to do it) to tell me, step by step, how to do it. They don't. They just assume that I know from the very get go how to do about ten steps. I tell them I don't know how to do anything, just please tell me step by step what I do...from the very first click of the keyboard and/or mouse.

Is it really that hard to understand that I know nada, zip, zilch!?! Ugh!

If I'm explaining doing something on a computer, I go step by step. I have one window open where I can explain how to do the task, with another window open going step by step, typing out the instructions.

Why can't people do that?

What's also frustrating is that I've asked both of these people a very specific question, even telling the second person that the first person didn't answer my question but just breezed right over it, and the second person also didn't answer my question. #*($)#($*#()$*

I don't think of myself as a teacher, but dang, assume people know nothing (especially when they say they know nothing and they're totally new at the task), and then just go slowly, explaining very step of the way!


I think maybe teaching is in my future, cuz this is ridiculous. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing overkill on some of my tutorials here, so I've lightened up in the explanation department, but not anymore. People want to know things, and not have someone skip over ten steps.



  1. Is there something I can help with? I don't know a boatload of anything, but don't mind helping if I know what you need.

  2. I understand! I know with computer stuff I'll go to the extent of doing a 'print screen' and include that so they know what it looks like.... Hope you get your answers soon!

  3. I finally got my answers. Thanks so much for the commiseration and offers of help. :)