Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sunburnt Cow Link Party Features #10, Part 2

Well, blogger wouldn't let me post or comment earlier today. Are they bent on self-destruction, or what!?!

Anyhoo, here are the rest of the features from the Sunburnt Cow Link Party of last week.

Verry Merry Vintage Style made me wish my computer had smell-o-vision! Mmmmm, I love lilacs and their fragrance. What a beautiful idea of putting them in a silver champagne cooler.

Shabby TX Cowgirl brought to the party some great frames that her hubby has been helping her make. I'm so smitten by chickenwire frames. One of these days I'll make one. I have so much chickenwire left over from the building of my chicken-less chicken coop - lol!

Rissa from Hazel and Honeysuckle is awesome at making Anthro inspired knock-offs.

Pat, one of the featured artisans at Handmade Teddy Bears and Raggedies came to the party with a lovely young lady - yet another adorable rag doll.

Snowflakes and Dragonflies made great canisters for her dog treats. I'm going to have to do this, as now it's getting into bug season here, and something like this will keep them out!

Last but not least is MeiJo's Joy and her beautiful basket made with soap! How clever and unique.

Thanks for linking up!! I thoroughly enjoy seeing what everyone brings to the party. :)

This week's party is still going on if y'all want to link up!

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  1. Thanks for the feature :D So many great projects - that ragdoll is especially adorable!