Saturday, March 5, 2011

Link Party Finds Since 2.23

I'm a little behind in listing all the link party finds that I want to try. Of course, there are several more that I'd like to try, but I know me and my limited talents and/or supplies - lol!

Gorgeous yarn wreath
Natural looking bird's eggs wreath
Oh the things you can do with belts!
Burlap frames
Lamp revamp - how to sprackle
Painted burlap runner
Natural textured cones
Fabric Easter basket. I'm thinking of using long strips of rags instead of the piping. I think it'd make it more interesting to have various thicknesses.
Sock wreath
Oh my yummy goodness - chocolate stuffed peanut butter brownies
Another oh my yummy goodness - frozen cookie dough balls
Knockoff pears - I can soooo do this. I'm thinking of making a stuffed fabric pear first to wrap the twine around.
Anthro inspired page pears
Can you say YUMMMM - chocolate cheesecake brownies
Drool - Tagalong cupcakes
Cable knit water bottle
Junk angel
Tassel tutorial
DIY stained glass frame
Cardboard Easter signs
Upcycle glass jars
Sweatered pillows
DIY washi tape!

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