Saturday, April 2, 2011

Twitter is Really Ticking Me Off

So last night I finally joined twitter. Couldn't get the hang of the convo and how to join an ongoing "party," and twitter didn't give us newbs a tutorial on how to twit tweet at a party. I finally figured it out on my own. Then half my tweets go into some limboland...they never see the light of day - at least not on my screen. I really can't stand the site. Now it's not showing anything. It's just a blank and says "Done" at the bottom of my screen. Maybe a twit-up (twitter and hiccup...though I could think of another word for twitter right now to fit the "twit-up." LOL)!

Sigh...I'm really not that tech challenged. I've built well over a dozen websites with html coding, and I've run php NUKE forums and having to do some coding in those. Don't know why twitter is such a twit to me.



  1. it's not you..My twitter is acting up too..blank screen but says done. Not sure why. keep trying. I have to google things all the time to figure how to join and add and whatever else!

  2. Are you using the web version of twitter or a program like Tweetdeck? I use Tweetdeck and while it's been giving me some problems today, it's usually SO MUCH better than just going off the web. And it makes it easy to join a party like the UBP.

  3. Glad it's not only me, Chrissy. :)

    C - I'll try tweetdeck. That might help a twitter challenged person like me. :)

  4. thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    I love twitter but it did take some getting use can find me on there, jennrobhall, and I can try and help you out anyway I can if you'd like.

    Great blog by the way! UBP11

  5. You are soooo funny. I only twitted for about 15 minutes and it took me another 15 minutes to figure out how to close my account... good luck with it.

  6. Well, Vicki, I'm trying to hang in there with the twitting - lol! It's going a little bit easier since, I guess after a certain amount of twits, they have a handy little box you can type in your message if you're in a twit party. (Yep, I'm gonna call it twit, instead of tweet, since it's not called tweeter - lol)!