Thursday, April 14, 2011's chilly....

Well, it's quite chilly here in my house today. Why? Because the furnace literally went kerklunk last night and stopped working a couple hours later.

Went down to the basement this morning and saw that we have several inches of standing water. Luckily, one of my handy friends was around, and he got my sump pump working. It's been several hours now, and it's still pumping out water. I suppose I'll have to wait til Monday to call the furnace guy so as to leave the basement and furnace time to dry out. It'd be super wonderful if it just started back up on its own, but I think it probably needs a jump start or new starter or whatever from the furnace guy.


Today's and yesterday's highs were only 35. It's cold, but at least I have two small portable electric heaters to help take the chill off.


  1. Aw that stinks! Keepin my fingers crossed it'll start up without the furnace guy tomorrow! Try to stay warm!

  2. Yikes! Springtime in North Dakota is kind of like Springtime in Alaska.... a little chilly. Good thing for handy friends and electric heaters. Warm blankies will help, too. Warm Hugs, Vicki

  3. Such a bummer about your furnace! Stay warm!