Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Here's another round of Ten on Tuesday. I missed last week...Eeps!

If you haven't participated before, Ten on Tuesday is a list of ten things about you - whether random or themed. Today, since I have to go out and see some of the mutant penal colony stock inbred natives of this town, this icky "Deliverance" style town is on my mind. So, here's ten things I hate about this town.

1. The mayor. She's known as "Mucus Mayor" even by the inbred natives due to her remarkable likeness to the mucinex mucus blobs. Unfortunately, she doesn't have as high an intellect as a blob of snot has.

2. The mayor and her cronies getting our certified water sewer guy fired so she could hire her grandson. Said grandson just collected the paychecks and didn't comply with state laws regarding the safety of our water. Not even the animals will drink it now. Sure, we all have to drink bottled water, but we still have to bathe in it, shower in it, wash our clothes and dishes in it. Reverse osmosis doesn't help entirely, and I have to use a Berkey filter. Still don't think I got everything. The mayor's grandson also didn't mow the city property as he was supposed to and didn't plow the streets. We've had probably around 80 or 90 inches of snow this year. People got regularly stuck in town, even the school bus. The school called mucus mayor several times about the problem, but she just said the town didn't have any money. (Well, gee...how about that big wad of money you gave your grandson on a monthly basis to DO the snow plowing!?! Plus, the town has 30,000 or 40,000 in the bank in CDs).

3. The postal clerk and how illiterate she is.

4. The city government. (Yep, I was on it to try to deal with the issues, but I was so disgusted I had to quit. Couldn't be unethical like they are).

5. The inbreds. Some of them seemed nice, normal, and sane at first, but then after awhile, they show their true colors.

6. The two pedophiles who live in town. One is a convicted repeat offender, the other is a self-professed pastor. Considering the population of this town, they make up about 5% of it. Not good. The inbreds love them, though...and that ought to tell you something!

7. How the mutants are above the law. There's a leash law here, but the mutants are allowed to let their dogs run around town at their leisure. One is a Rottweiler who menaces those who walk on the street and regularly eats my garbage and leaves big piles of poop in my yard.

8. The oil industry dump trucks being allowed to dump their wastes in our retention pond for our sewer. Um....against the law!?!

9. The apathy of this town. There are some who are less mutant and some outsiders who have enough diversity in their gene pool to be able to think in a coherent fashion. Unfortunately, they're apathetic about this town and what's going on.

10. How, if the mutants don't like you, they'll kill your animals. Yes, this has happened, and it's very sad. Perhaps that's why people here look the other way.

I so wish I could move. I don't even like North Dakota anymore because of this town...

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  1. ::SIGH:: my gosh, woman, MOVE! LOL! thanks for sharing.

  2. LOL! I so wish I could. Just don't have the finances now. As you can imagine, this place is cheap to live at. My house only cost $7,500. It's a very good house, too. Hard to find that anywhere else. :(

  3. Are we neighbors?? haha!! I've been dealing with crazy gossip all week. Small town crap and drama. I think it should be the law you have to move out of your home town for 5 years. that way you can actually see there is a whole big world out there and this small town crap is ridiculous!!