Friday, April 15, 2011

Chilly No Mo' and Link Party

Yay, the furnace guy came late this afternoon, and we now have heat again! Whoot! It was getting really cold in the house, especially since it was snowing last night and the past three days haven't gotten above 35. A couple very small cheapo (around $15) portable heaters can only heat so much of a room.

We're still getting a fair amount of water in the basement, so I have to regularly check on it and click on the old sump pump. It won't go on of its own accord.

Just a reminder that I have a link party going on over at the Sunburnt Cow. You can link up handmade items - whether you have them for sale or not. You can also link up anything you have that's vintage/old fashioned/prim.


  1. Well glad the furnace is working again but ick about the continuing water problem! Hope it lets up soon, you're not around the Red River are you? I know they've had lots of flooding problems there. Hope you are warm and dry real soon! Deb

  2. I'm so glad your furnace is working. A wet basement doesn't help one bit. I hope your water problem is resolved soon. I hope you are warm and dry real soon.

  3. Good! I am glad that furnace repairperson came and fixed your heat. Now you can be toasty! I just read your other post on "messy rooms." How cute! And very brave. Take care, Vicki