Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some Great Link Party Finds

In my blog hopping through the link parties this week, there are several projects I'd like to try:

Late Winter Yarn Wreath. I like the different colored yarns used, plus the "unkempt" appearance. I want to try this with some different texture yarns, like eyelash.

Cupcake picture frame. When I saw this, I knew I had to try this right away - due to the fact that I wanted to do Easter eggs instead of cupcakes. I got 'er done. Just haven't taken a picture of it yet.

Anthropologie frame tutorial. So pretty! I want to try this with fabric glued on the cardboard. At first I was thinking of using scrapbook paper, but that would be too expensive. So I'm thinking fabric. I have a lot of that, especially some that I wouldn't put in any quilts, but ones that would look good in a frame like this.

DIY cardboard barn star. Definitely something easy enough for me to do.

Chicken wire screen. Sooo creative! I have plenty of chicken wire left over from building my chicken-less chicken coop. (Hopefully this spring I can get chickens). I would do this using a window frame of some sort, since a panel like this wouldn't last long around my dogs and cats.

Running Rabbit Make-do. I have a thing for running rabbits, and this looks easy enough for me to do, with very little in the way of knowing how to sew or using a needle.

Stamped tile magnets. Super simple, yet they look so pretty.

Spring cloche hat. I may try this. I'm still not sure I could actually do this - if it's simple enough for me. All that bunching up looks complicated. I'd probably be trying to sew a regular hat and get the bunching by accident - lol!

Lampshade makeover. I have a couple really ugly lamps that would look much better with a face lift like this. If only I could do something about the bottom half of the lamp - haha!

Anthro-cameo collage necklace knockoff. This looks easy enough for me to do, and I've been wanting to get into jewelry making.

Nutter butter truffle cupcakes...need I say more!?! (insert drooling here)

How to recover a lampshade. Another good makeover for an ugly lampshade.

Luck of the Irish trees. I especially love the one made out of green clothesline!

Grungy rusty tin luminary. So perfectly prim and easy to do. I've saved plenty of tin cans so I can grunge them up once I can get outside with the spray paint.

Muffin tin wall hanging. Now how creative is that! I think I'll do this, only using small cookie sheets to create some sort of mixed media "scene."

stray sock doll tutorial. I thought this was cute, though I doubt I'll be doing it since I don't have a small child anymore. Plus, I love all my socks!

Orange Julius. I love Orange Julius and haven't had it in years.

Oddly inspired painted heart box. I love her creative ways in which she painted this. These are some techniques I'm going to try.

Jumbo Button Wall Decor. I love buttons, though I don't have access to the equipment that's required to make those holes. Maybe one day.

Upcycle clutch. Gorgeous, though I'm challenged in the sewing department. This one is just for eye candy, not something I'll attempt to do.

Sunflower Cupcakes - just way, way, waaaay too cute. Decorated just like sunflowers!

Sheep cake and cupcakes. Wowzers, you need to check this one out! What amazing talent. I love, love, love it! Wish I knew how to decorate like this.


  1. Thanks for listing my Orange Julius- you should try it- it is soooooo yummy! :)

  2. Great collection of tutorials Tracy, off to bookmark! Deb

  3. Thanks for stopping by Humble Homemaking and leaving me a cute comment! You have a sweet blog. I am a new follower. :) Have a wonderful day. p.s. I have a link party this weekend so feel free to hook up any projects if you want to.
    Humble Homemaking

  4. Some great finds on this list. And thanks for the mention :)