Thursday, April 7, 2011

Make Money Online and/or Through Blogging

I read an interesting post today entitled Mommy Bloggers and Money: A Tangled Web. It's a dicey topic, that's for sure.

I have no problems with anyone making money online. What an inspiration they are if they can! Why are people derogatory or gossipy about women who make money online? (At least they're not flat on their backs in Vegas, right)? Apparently there are women who make judgments of other bloggers - how they shouldn't be making money, how they're riding the coattails of other more successful blogs, how certain blogs don't add anything except frivolous stuff and fluff. Judgment all around, but if the blog is making money for someone, obviously they have enough of a readership to generate funds through advertising and affiliate marketing. As to the "riding the coattails," sure, I imagine there are some people who do that. (I can't say definitively since I'm not enough "in the know" to hear the gossip). If, however, someone is profiting from their associations, I don't know if I'm comfortable not giving them any credit. They saw an opportunity and took it. In the corporate world, isn't that how men get ahead? Isn't that how talent agents work? Isn't that how publishers work? How networks work...? You get the idea.

I used to be the sole admin and moderator of two forums that had around 75,000 members. They were founded to discuss certain niche subjects, but soon business people came in and tried to constantly spam the site. As an admin/mod, it was tricky. While I appreciated more members, some of them were turning the forums into just one big advertising place. I certainly don't begrudge anyone making money online; I've been doing it since 2003, but I had to maintain the integrity of the forums. I received death threats from some of the business people and some of the members who liked having the forums turned into one big infomercial.

How does this relate to blogging? Well, many of us bloggers are trying to find a balance between providing real life and/or helpful content and making money. Sometimes it may seem like a tightrope walk every time you write a blog post. I'm caught in that balancing act myself. I want to talk about real, every day stuff, but yet I kinda painted myself in the corner by naming this blog "All Thumbs Crafts." I guess you could say I was all thumbs when it came to naming it - lol!

For the past few days, I've been networking with other women bloggers from the Ultimate Blog Party from 5 Minutes for Mom. Tonight there was an awesome MomTV webcast, and it made me realize I should just be myself on this blog. I fleetingly thought of starting yet another blog (I already have seven and contribute regularly to another one), but that's probably kinda silly...I think...

Anyway, I'm going to be real here, although it will have a heavy emphasis on simple crafting. If I happen to make money writing here, all the better. If not, I'm having a whole lotta fun challenging myself to make at least one craft a week and sharing it with others who are all thumbs when it comes to making crafts. :)

Do what you love and maybe, just maybe, the money will come. If not, let the joy in doing make you feel rich.

(I hope this made sense. Wrote this in about 10 minutes cuz Craig Ferguson is just starting - lol)!


  1. Made sense to me! Oh, and I love Craig!!!

  2. Made perfect sense-thanks for the insight!

  3. Great post. I make money blogging and it is a balancing act. I learned early on that the amount of time I was spending on the site was a job and needed to be treated as such.

    I post content first and my money making affiliates must benefit my readers or I don't post

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting from the Ultimate Blog Party! Hope you have a great week!

  4. I've had a hard time since the beginning with my blog, never really knowing if I should really share parts of my personal life in it, or, if I should use it just to post teddy bears. So, like you, I use it for my business and for my personal life, too. Sometimes I hesitate when posting the personal stuff.... but that's what makes all of us real. I started my blog to share something I love with others. So that's what I try to do, as often as I can. Thanks for sharing your insights with us. Anyway, here I am riding on your coattails again..... he he Take care Tracy!!

  5. In this economy if you can make money online (legally LOL) why not do it. Like you said men aren't shy about this, when they see a business opportunity they go for it. Maybe it's because we're trying to do two very different things at the same time - write honest open posts and try to make money. Hhhmm sounds just like a working Mom doesn't it. We set ourselves up to 'walking that tightrope'. The blogs I have read written by guys are more straight forward. I don't know what works-I'm trying to find that out myself. I think the best thing to do is to be true to yourself, have fun and if you want to make money as well - Go for it! LOL

  6. Hi! Thanks for stopping by quasiagitato last night. I am also interested in/confused by this topic so I enjoyed reading this post. There was quite a thread on this during the Blog Party...I was too distracted to follow it then but I made a note to go back. It's an important thing to think about.