Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to Make Dessert Looking Soy Tarts

Here's a tutorial on how to make dessert looking soy tarts. Of course, the scent best used is something yummy and dessert-like. I used Chocolate Brownie for these.

I'm not going to spend time on how to do all the melting and such, since this tutorial is primarily showing how to make a different looking soy tart. Making candles is super easy (easy enough for me to do, so it MUST be easy)! There are some very good tips over at Nature's Garden Candles on how to make candles. Once you get the basics down, you'll feel more comfortable experimenting around with making soy tarts. I just think of them as wickless candles.

You don't really need any fancy molds, though I did use one for the walnut on top.

All I used was toilet paper rolls and a small yoohoo or juice for the molds.

I threw out the top one since it had little dents that made it not all that circular. The lower two were better, since I was going for a little brownie bite type of look.

After I melted the wax, I poured just a little bit into a pie tin. (Make sure there are no holes in it.... I forgot to check...OOPS)! Pour enough wax to have a thin layer covering the whole bottom.

Put the toilet paper rolls in. By the way, I cut them in half and put the cut half up, so the halves with the straighter edge would be in the wax. You're only going to be filling up an inch or less, so you don't need the entire roll. Plus, you get twice as much out of this "trash" item!

Wait until the wax in the pie pan cools off enough to harden. In this way, it'll help hold the hot wax that you'll be pouring in. Otherwise, it seeps all over the place, even if you tape it up, line it with wax paper, etc. (I learned the hard way!)

Then pour just a little bit of hot wax into one toilet paper roll. Wait to see if it'll seep out. If not pour a little bit into the next roll. Wait, and then repeat with the next. Let those first layers cool, and then repeat by pouring just a little bit, waiting, etc.

Wait until these harden. I usually wait a day, but I'm sure several hours would be fine. You'll probably have plenty of wax left, and that's okay. Just keep it in your pot and remelt it for the next step.

Once your toilet paper and juice box molds have hardened, carefully peel the molds off.

Then melt some more wax. You may have to add more wax and fragrance oil according to how much you have left from the previous step. (This is where some experience in candlemaking helps). Once it's fully melted, you play the waiting...and waiting...and waiting game. I think it took me probably an hour for the next step: grainy!

Once you see the graininess starting to form, it won't be long! As it gets a little bit thicker, I spoon a little layer over my "cakes" or "bites."

Then when it gets really thick...

you quickly start glopping it on to your base. You can even wait until it gets thicker and treat it like a thick frosting. Note, though, that once the wax starts thickening, you have to move fast because it gets thicker and thicker.

And there you have a tutorial on how to make dessert looking soy tarts. Since I haven't used other types of wax, I have no idea if they get grainy like soy wax does. If someone knows, please post a comment!

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  1. Great Tutorial Tracy!!!! Keep 'em coming!!!!!

  2. Great tutorial. And I have plenty of toilet paper rolls. For some reason, I thought I needed to save them!!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Country Cottage - LOL! Yes, I was saving them too, in the hopes one day I'd get my wood stove hooked up, and I could make firestarters. Doesn't look like that will happen any time soon, so I might as well put them to use now. :)

  4. Great Tut. Thank you for sharing...


  5. I've never tried anything like this, and you're totally opening up my eyes to what I'm missing! These are great, thank you for linking up!

  6. Thanks Tracy, I don't have a clue about candle or soap making so I need all of the help I can get! Think I better go check out the "beginner" tut at Natures Garden before I tackle these. Your 'brownies' look very real, love the walnut! Deb

  7. Oh, Deb, it's fun! Making candles (and melt and pour soap) is so outrageously simple that even I can do it!

  8. Cool! Let me know how it turned out. I'd love to see pictures if you post any on your blog!

  9. These turned out great!!! I have never tried anything like this, but I might have to now! Thanks for linking up at

  10. Fantastic Tracy ! Toilet Paper Rolls have soooo many dang uses ! Now even for wax ! hehehe...

  11. Willow - Indeed they do!

    Jalisa - thanks for having a link party!

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  13. I have always wanted to make candles. You made it look easy and thrifty! :) Thanks so much for linking up to Terrific Under Ten!!

  14. Thank you Christina and Kindra. If you try this, please let me know how it goes. :)

  15. oh wow it REALLY looks real! So fun!

    Thanks so much for linking to "20 Below Thursday"!! :)

  16. Thanks, Christina, and thanks for having a link party. :)

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