Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Clean Up!

I finally decided to spend about an hour clearing off some very cluttered spaces. Lots of stuff got piled up and buried here.

The after picture may not look like I did much, but I did. I made it more organized, even using one of my rag quilt bags to hold some craft supplies.
The garbage bag full of fabric scraps on the right serves a purpose, so I kept it there. It's helping to cover up a homemade loom (with nails) that my son made me. I like to keep it covered and protected from the pets.

Here's a quilt I was working on many moons ago. Amazing what you find when cleaning up!
Here's a cluttered dresser full of some finished craft projects. Couldn't really see them since they were piled here and there.
Voila! Now you can see them, though they're quite the eclectic mix. My son called it my "craft shrine" - lol!
I figured I might as well fill my decorated paper mache boxes with craft supplies. This one contains most of my buttons. I LOVE BUTTONS!! If I were to say those words out loud, I'd be yelling them because I LOVE BUTTONS!!!!
My kitchen table is my craft area. Yeeks!
Still needs work, but at least I got half of it cleared off! (The other half has the sewing machine).

Yay! I'm glad to get rid of a lot of the clutter, and all thanks to some cupboards I recently got from a friend. Yay!


  1. Looking good Tracy! You're a brave woman to post photos of your clutter, I should take some pics of my place as I get ready for my craft show, there is not a bare surface in the entire house!!

  2. Oh Tracy...I Love Buttons Too!!! I have an old jeweler's cabinet that was my hubby's grandfather's and I have lots of the drawers filled with buttons.
    Everything is looking great...I need to clean my sewing room here soon or I might get lost in there! LOL...

  3. Hi Tracy, What fun it is to visit you in your little nest and share in your puttering.. isn't that what they call it... when we rearrange our "stuff" into nice little organized piles. Hugs, Vicki

  4. And I love buttons too! They're like little jewels aren't they? Great job and yes, you are a very brave woman to show off your clutter!
    Hugs to you!