Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blizzard a' blowing in

Yep, we're due for a blizzard. The high wind gusts started last night, and today it's full blown. (Pardon the pun - hehe)! I love the sound of wind. In ND, we have very strong and high winds, so you can definitely hear it inside the house - even if you have the TV on.

Right now it sounds like I'm in a beach home on a stormy day with the waves crashing. And I'm not talking the anemic waves in Florida either. I'm talking a stormy day on the beach in Hawaii or California. Big crashing waves. I like the sound of that, for some reason. They say the wind gusts are around 40 mph but, having lived here long enough to know better, I'd say it's much higher than that.

Anyhoo, we're due for between 6 to 16 inches of snow, with a sheet of ice coming first. The temps are high enough (in the 30s) that the precip will be rain first, and then changing to snow as the day wears on. And here I was hoping that the foot of snow that had melted last week meant that we were well on our way to...well...no more significant snow fall. Silly me for thinking that. We still have snow on the ground in July around here. (We still have around two feet of snow on the ground. Who knows what it will be after this storm blows through).

There's one bright spot: at least the air temps starting out are in the 30s, so the wind chill here will probably only get to around zero - as opposed to the 50 and 60 BELOW zero that is a common occurrence during a NoDak winter.

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  1. Crazy girl loving the wind! I heard the forecast for your area, right after I complained of waking up to almost 2"! Dang, wind has been wild, power glitched off twice today, while I was in the middle of important paper work for my hub! Didn't loose any info just had to reboot!
    All you can do is hunker down and get crafty right?
    Stay warm my friend~